Quentel was a male Quara Aqualish engineer from the planet Ando who lived during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Quentel became a member of a freighter crew but shortly afterward, the freighter was captured by The Scourge, a pirate group that operated in the Elrood sector. Quentel attempted to escape and he failed, but the pirates were impressed by the engineering skills that Quentel demonstrated during his escape attempt and he was invited to become a member of their organization. He eventually became the second-in-command of The Scourge and he spent four months installing a gravity well projector in the pirates' Super Transport VII container ship Impasse, which he considered to be his finest engineering achievement. Quentel later piloted the Impasse during a Scourge attack on a Rebel Alliance starship near the planet Alluuvia.