Quetemoor, a pallid, lantern-jawed Human, headed a Mugaari crime family that held sway over much of Imperial City's underworld. Properly known as Quetemoor the Sub-Elder, he shared power with his older sister Quetemoor the Elder, his father Quetemoor the Venerable, and his nephew Quetemoor the Younger, as well as family members from other lineages.

Though he worked out a peace with Prince Xizor's overarching Black Sun syndicate, Quetemoor constantly battled his smaller rivals for a bigger piece of the underworld action, reserving a special hatred for the crime lord Beuga Odell.

Though Quetemoor could be brutally sadistic to his enemies, he had a robust sense of humor and a booming laugh. Freelance employees who amused Quetemoor would be placed on his list of "grimacers" and receive plum assignments from his majordomo. He owned a customized bulk transport, the Cold Front.

Behind the scenesEdit

Quetemoor is described in the text as being a "Human", yet his stats call him a "Mugaari", along with "new species" stats being presented for the Mugaari. It is also made clear that the Mugaari resent Humans. A possible fix is that Mugaari are near-humans, and their resentment is towards baseline humans.