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The QuickSnap 36T was a blaster carbine manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. [1] The QuickSnap 36T was usually available for purchase in large cities and spaceports, but was also readily available on backwater planets. A fee or permit was usually required to purchase the weapon, and their use was restricted; depending on the planet, they either needed appropriate licenses, or were illegal.[4]

Alliance to Restore the Republic operative Matt Talon carried a QuickSnap 36T as part of his personal arsenal.[1] The SoroSuub Corporation employee Alliance informant Burellion Tiy carried a QuickSnap 36T.[5] Lusubrin T'shkali, a Nagai warrior who fought in the Dool Arena at The Broken Tusk on Reuss VIII, wielded a QuickSnap 36T.[6]


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