The Quickfire was heavy-duty speeder bike manufactured by Mobquet Swoops and Speeders. It was popular with Black Sun gangs.



A Quickfire speeder bike

The Quickfire was an armed and durable speeder bike. It had a large rumbling repulsor engine that made it popular with bikers who wanted to make an impression. Its frame was very thick, and the armor plating on the bike made it more resistant to enemy fire. The thick frame also allowed for heavier modifications and add-ons to be installed.[1]

It was slower than most other bikes, but it had more pull and a greater towing capacity. The Quickfire had a built-in blaster, but it was depowered to meet regulations on civilized worlds.[1]


The Quickfire was popular in the Outer Rim, and was often used by Black Sun raiding parties. Several were used by Black Sun pirates during a raid on Bantha Rawk's base on Iego.[1]



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