The Quilan Hive was the largest Qieg hive on Lan Barell. It served as the governmental center for the entire Lan system, and was located in Shulell City.


When originally built, the Hive housed only Qieg. When Humans colonized Lan Barell, and the Hive transitioned into its role as a governmental building, the interior spaces were widened to permit Humans. The Human sectors of the Hive were spacious and well-lit, while Qieg sections were cramped and dim. Built by the Qieg, the corridors and passages twist and turn with no reason, and navigating the structure was near impossible for those unused to Qieg hives. While there were no windows in the complex, colorful plants filled the chambers and corridors, and small streams ran in rooms that were on the outer edge of the Hive. The building included modern technology such as droids and computers that juxtaposed with the naturalistic features.[1]


Built around 5000 BBY, the Quilan Hive was the largest Qieg hive on Lan Barell. A network of nest surrounded by huge stone walls, the Hive could house 10,000 Qieg. With the Human colonization around 1300 BBY, the Quilan Hive became the center of Shulell City, in the heart of the Historical District. The Hive became the center for the government, the Human-Qieg Guild, and housed governmental offices and agencies, mining cooperative headquarters and trading companies. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, 30,000 Qieg and 2,000 Humans lived and worked in the Hive. The ancient council chamber was converted into a trade floor where merchants met to negotiate trade terms for the Lan system's ores.[1]


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