"Piece of quinberry cake."
―Jedi pilot Garen Muln, facing down four Vanqor starfighters.[src]

Quinberry cake was a pastry dessert made using quinberries, or quint-berry fruit, small berries of the quinberry shrub that was native to the planet Romin. Quinberries were also pressed to produce a very sweet juice—quin- or quint-berry juice—that was a favorite beverage of the Romin.

In 25 BBY, during the Jedi mission to Typha-Dor, 16-year-old Padawan Anakin Skywalker heard pilot-legend Garen Muln use the cake's name to describe the challenge of an assault by four Vanqor starfighters in a military build-up to invade a neighboring planet.

On a mission the following year to the planet Romin itself, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi sipped the super-saccharine beverage—a favorite of the native citizens—at an extravagant reception for the world's wealthy, hosted by its corrupt tyrant-ruler, "Great Leader Teda." By awkward chance, Kenobi also met, then shared the same sweet drink with, the criminal he was meant to be impersonating while on the planet.

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