The Quintad was a group of five powerful families that ruled the planet Eriadu. Originally hailing from Corulag in the Core Worlds, the Quintad moved to Eriadu with the intent of making the backwater an industrial powerhouse. When the Quintad first arrived in 900 BBY, Eriadu was best known for its local shell jewelry. By the Battle of Yavin, the Quintad had not only succeeded in turning Eriadu into a major Outer Rim planet, but had also caused the Seswenna sector to move its capital from Seswenna to Eriadu, reroute the Hydian Way into Eriadu, and make the planet generally be considered a "Core World located in the Outer Rim." However, under the Quintad, the planet had also suffered serious pollution, and also depended on alien slave labor.

The Tarkin family was the most powerful of the five Quintad families.


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