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Quist was one of three members of the underground resistance against the Galactic Empire in Gordon, on Aquilae. He worked with Occo and Datos.

Quist provided Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Leia, Windy, Biggs and Annikin Starkiller, together with Artwo and Threepio with a plan for getting offworld. He gave them badges and disks so they could masquerade as the crew of a Baltarian freighter. The two young princes would be hidden in microcases and put into hibernation.

Quist's plan, however, turned out to be a trap. The Baltarian freighter was surrounded by Imperial troops and its captain was none other than Valorum, a Sith Knight. It was unclear if Quist was a double agent.

Behind the scenesEdit

Quist remained identical to his earlier portrayal in the first draft. He was now operating on the world of Townowi, which had replaced Aquilae.