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"My friends, we have no problem here."

Quist was a fair-skinned Human male with a blond beard and hair. Streaks of white through his hair were the only indication of his true age. His right hand had been replaced with a knife blade. Within the folds of his long cape, he kept his hands hidden, waiting to surprise any enemies with his bladed appendage. He had a wad of SoroSuub Chew in his mouth at all times.


Parlan: "The charge."
Stormtrooper: "Piracy, sir."
Parlan: "Kill the scum."
Quist: "Wait! I have something to bargain with. Information important to the Emperor … in exchange for my life."
Parlan: "Go ahead. I'm all ears."
Quist: "Tallon … it concerns Adar Tallon …"
―Quist bargains for his life[src]

Quist once served in the Galactic Republic's fleet during the Clone Wars, enlisting alongside his friend Adar Tallon. Quist eventually left the service to follow a more lucrative career, soon becoming a pirate to be reckoned with. His ties to Tallon remained strong, however, and he agreed to stage the commander's "death". However, he was eventually captured by Imperial agents around 0 ABY. In return for his freedom, Quist sold what information he had—the truth about Tallon's death. He arrived at his old friend's hideout on Tatooine to betray Tallon, but he was eventually uncovered and intercepted by a team of Rebel Intelligence agents who had been sent to rescue the former Admiral.


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