"The closer we draw to the overclan, the less inclined a lesser clan like the Qulun would be to risk interfering."
―The clanless Kyakhta, to the Jedi and their companions.[src]

Qulun were a group of clan-based traders on Ansion. As a distinct trading faction among the Alwari tribes,[1] they were generally disliked (except for the goods they offered) and not recognized as traditional Alwari, yet moved freely among both the Alwari and the city-dwellers. They traveled on sadain mounts, which were also used as beasts of burden.[2]

One of their favored trading centers was the city of Dashbalar, to which a Qulun caravan was en route in 22 BBY with captive Jedi prisoners when Tooqui incited a stampede of native lorqual into their camp, resulting in the freeing of the Jedi and their companions and also a skirmish.[2]

Baiuntu was a leader of a Qulun clan.[2]



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