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Quorlac Fornayh was a near-Human Sith Lord who participated in the New Sith Wars.


Fornayh fought in the New Sith Wars, and took over the planet Yorgraxx. He enslaved the native population and used them to build him a fortress, before exterminating them. Inside the fortress, he began using Sith alchemy to create a race of mutated rancors, called the coloi, which he planned to use to take control of the New Sith Empire. However, the war began to turn in the favor of the Galactic Republic, and some of the Sith, including Fornayh, went into hiding, and he retreated to his fortress on Yorgraxx to bide his time. Over a period of 100 years, he built up his forces there, eventually perfecting the coloi template. However, by the time he had done this, he was close to death, so he put the rancor-mutant into a stasis unit. He believed that his spirit could survive through the Force after his death, so that he could come back in a cloned body and utilize the creature. He also programmed the sensors in the base so that they would activate four labor droids if any ships landed on Yorgraxx. The droids were then programmed by him to reactivate the systems throughout the rest of the base, if this happened.

During the Galactic Civil War, an Imperial ship crashed on Yorgraxx and it reawakened the spirit of Fornayh. This created a disturbance in the Force that was felt by Emperor Palpatine on Coruscant and he dispatched Emperor's Hand Jallar Golin to investigate it. There were two survivors from the Imperial crash and after about a month, a Rebel Alliance ship crashed on the planet and the survivors from both crashes joined forces and traveled to Fornayh's fortress. They defeated him there and were able to kill his Coloi and prevent him from transferring his spirit into a cloned body.


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