Quyik Vth'nnar was a male Sludir, brother to Qesya Vth'naar and slave of Moff Kentor Sarne in Kal'Shebbol. Sarne forced both of them, as well as Qesya's husband Rokarn Vth'naar, to fight as gladiators.

Rokarn eventually discovered that Qesya was pregnant, to his delight. However, soon after that, Sarne forced Rokarn and Quyik to fight to death. Considering that his legacy was secured, Rokarn lost on purpose and Quyik killed him, feeling guilty because of that.

Ironically, just after this, Sarne forced Quyik to fight Qesya. Historians cannot agree about whether Quyik also lost in purpose or not, but the result was that Qesya killed Quyik, and then returned to her cell.


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