R-10 household droid

An R-10 household droid

Manufactured by the craftsman of Lovolan, the R-10 household droid was the perfect waiter and beverage-server, but it was expensive and normally only bought by the rich. Emperor Palpatine personally commissioned the R-10 droid to use it in his retreat on the moon Hesperidium.


The R-10 moved around on four wheels and had a single photoreceptor, it also had a top made of black marble, that was electrically-charged to grip drinks and glasses. When purchased, the R-10 was programmed with a map of the owner's house or mansion. The R-10 was equipped with an electrically-charged serving tray, a vacuum, and a duster. R-10s were also hardwired to be incapable of breaking or spilling anything.

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