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The R-22 Spearhead, nicknamed "Spearhead" because of its resemblance to the head of a ceremonial spear, was a prototype starfighter developed by Kuat Systems Engineering shortly after the end of Clone Wars as a replacement for the Galactic Republic's Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor. After the Galactic Empire, the successor state of the Republic, rejected mass production of the craft, the initial batch of R-22s was purchased by the royalty of the planet Tammuz-an for its planetary defense forces. In the early stages of the Galactic Civil War, several Tammuz-an Spearheads fell into the hands of the various Rebel cells. A network of Rebel mechanics known as the Underground Engineers stripped them down and created the R-22's more famous RZ-1 successor.[2]

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R-22 Spearhead

The R-22 Spearhead as it appeared in the 1985 Star Wars: Droids television series.

The R-22 Spearhead originally appeared in the Star Wars Legends continuity, and was brought into canon in the 2017 reference book Star Wars: A-Wing Deluxe Book and 3D Wood Model.


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