The R-28 starfighter was an Incom Corporation snubfighter first designed during the Galactic Civil War. For its size, the ship was relatively well armed, though half of its weapons were non-lethal, such as the ion cannons.


At the time of the Galactic Civil War, the R-28 was overshadowed by the wildly popular X-wing, and production was postponed until long after that conflict came to an end. After the establishment of the Galactic Alliance, the early designs were upgraded with modern technologies and engineering innovations. The R-28 served as an important intermediate step between the T-65 X-wing and the X-83 Twintail starfighter.[1]

A'Sharad Hett used an R-28 to travel to the Unknown Regions at some point before the start of the Yuuzhan Vong War, where he was attacked by a Vong advance force and crashed his fighter inside one of the invaders' scout ships.[2]

By 137 ABY, the R-28 had become common with local defense forces and civilian pilots. Though outdated, it was one of the most common starfighters in the galaxy.[1]



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