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R-97 was the quartermaster droid assigned to the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar. He had the responsibility for overseeing all storage and supply bins, and maintaining the ship's inventory of items.

R-97 was a very interactive droid, and seemed to engage in bartering while allocating equipment. A stubborn droid, R-97 would try to talk crew members out of requistioning certain items to preserve the ship stores, or tell them that items were out of stock when there was an ample supply of them. R-97 used his extendible legs to place items on higher shelves to prevent biologicals from reaching them. R-97 also commanded the SE4 servant droids and J9 worker drones to patrol the supply areas to prevent any authorized equipment raids.

R-97 only accepted direct orders from the captain, and was known to keep grudges against crew members who had treated him badly. The crew of the FarStar learned to keep on the droid's good side during their mission in the Kathol sector.


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