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R1-J5, commonly known as "Bucket", was an astromech droid owned by Jarek Yeager — the leader of Team Fireball, a racing team headquartered on the Colossus refueling installation.



R1-J5 served the former New Republic starfighter pilot–turned–mechanic Jarek Yeager for several years.[2][4] During Yeager's racing days, Bucket served as his co-pilot on his racer. Yeager ended his racing career after his younger brother Marcus Speedstar caused the deaths of Yeager's wife and daughter during a racing accident.[5] By 34 ABY, Bucket was part of Yeager's Team Fireball, a group of mechanics and pilots who operated from Yeager's repair shop on the Colossus platform on the planet Castilon. Bucket's colleagues were the mechanics Tam Ryvora, a female human pilot, and the Nikto Neeku Vozo.[1]

Enter Kazuda XionoEdit

In 34 ABY, the Resistance pilot Poe Dameron convinced Yeager, his old friend, to take the Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono as his mechanic. Xiono had been tasked with finding out who on the Colossus platform was helping the First Order to build their military. Xiono was also accompanied by the BB astromech droid BB-8, who had been sent by Dameron to keep an eye on Xiono. After Xiono accidentally volunteered to compete in a race against Ace Squadron pilot Torra Doza, Yeager summoned Bucket when the crew began work on refurbishing the ageing racer Fireball for the race. Taking a dislike to the newcomer, Bucket slammed into Xiono, prompting the latter to call him a "bucket of bolts." When Doza came to visit her competitor, she patted Bucket.[1]

While Xiono continued working undercover as a mechanic, the spy's lack of experience as a mechanic rankled both Bucket and Ryvora. On one occasion, Xiono accidentally pressed a dashboard, causing everyone to hear a loud, screeching sound. During the pirate Kragan Gorr's raid on the Colossus, Bucket and the other members of Team Fireball with the exception of Xiono took shelter. They returned after Xiono managed to jam the pirates' communications, forcing them to retreat.[6]

Rucklin's heistEdit

Bucket was later present when Xiono unsuccessfully demonstrated an engine he had been working on. When Yeager scolded Xiono for the tardy progress of his repair work, Bucket and Ryvora giggled that Xiono was in trouble. Bucket also tried to obstruct Xiono's path, prompting the pilot to grumbled that the droid was now on his case. When Xiono and the local racer Jace Rucklin sneaked into Yeager's private hangar to view Yeager's racer, they hid from Bucket, who had entered the room to retrieve a macro-fuser. Unable to find the macro-fuser, Yeager decided to order a new one.[4]

While inside, Rucklin then took the opportunity to steal a canister of hyperfuel for his own racer. Bucket later discovered that the hyperfuel canister was missing and alerted the other Fireballs that the volatile fuel was missing. Xiono realized that Rucklin had stolen the fuel and managed to save Rucklin at the cost of destroying his racer.[4] Later, during a power outage, Xiono tripped over Bucket, who grumbled in Binary.[7]

The "salvaging run"Edit

Under Yeager's direction, Bucket used his alarm to wake Xiono up at dawn for a "salvaging mission." This "mission" turned out to be a training exercise that Dameron had organized for Xiono to fly his T-70 X-wing starfighter and to take a break from his undercover work. As a result, Xiono and Dameron responded to a pirate raid on a Darius G-class freighter in Sector Six.[8]

The second pirate raidEdit

While the other members of Team Fireball were fixing the Colossus' defensive tracking computer, Bucket wheeled past them in Yeager's repair shop. During the second pirate attack on the Colossus, Bucket and Vozo hid in the supply closet and managed to avoid arousing Kragan Gorr's pirate gang's attention by remaining silent. Following the battle, Vozo recounted his and Bucket's exploits to a weary Yeager.[9]

Yeager and the Platform ClassicEdit

Prior to the Platform Classic, Bucket got into an argument with BB-8. When Yeager decided to race against his estranged younger brother, Bucket served as Yeager's co-pilot and sat in the astromech socket of Yeager's racer. As a team, the two acquitted themselves well and took the lead in the race with Speedstar coming second place. Following a prolonged confrontation, Yeager decided to forgive Speedstar for causing the deaths of his wife and daughter and to allow Speedstar to win so that Speedstar could save his Nikto mechanic Oplock, who had been taken hostage by the Guavian Death Gang. By winning the race, Speedstar was able to pay his 20,000 credit debt to the Guavians and free his friend.[5]


R1-J5 was an astromech droid with masculine programming.[1] Though noted for his peculiar personality, a consequence of the droid's outmoded and defective programming, Bucket was a reliable mechanic and a loyal servant to his master.[2] As an astromech droid, Bucket also spoke in Binary.[1]


Bucket was equipped with an alarm which he could use to wake others.[8]

Behind the scenesEdit

R1-J5 is a character created and developed for Star Wars Resistance. Similar to Chopper in all Star Wars Rebels episodes before the series finale, Bucket is credited as being voiced by "himself".



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