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This article is about The Imperial R2 droid. You may be looking for the R2 unit used by Biggs Darklighter during the Battle of Yavin.

R2-Q2 (also spelled Artoo Kyootoo) was an astromech droid of the R2-series serving in the Galactic Empire. He spent several decades serving with an Imperial reconnaissance fleet in the Expansion Region[2] aboard the Star Destroyer Devastator.[1] He had one of the most extensive maps and list of systems inside of his databanks.[3]

R2-Q2 was among the Imperial droids which scoured the Tantive IV's databanks for information after that vessel was captured over Tatooine in 0 BBY.[4]

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R2-Q2 was included in the 2011 LEGO set "Imperial V-Wing Starfighter".



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