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R2 series astromech droid
Production information

Industrial Automaton

Product line

R series[1]


Astromech droid[2]

Technical specifications


1.09 meters

Chronological and political information
"Uncle Owen!"
"This R2 unit has a bad motivator. Look!"
"Hey, what're ya' trying to push on us?"
Luke Skywalker and Owen Lars to a group of Jawa, regarding R5-D4[src]

R2 series astromech droids, also known as R2 units were a very popular series of astromech droids produced by Industrial Automaton. They stood at around 1 meter in height, and were programmed to perform a variety of task. They were designed to be able to fit in the droid sockets commonly found on starfighters. R2-D2 was a notable example of this model. Another was R5-D4, who, despite carrying the prefix "R5" was described as an "R2 unit."

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