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R3-Q5 was a series of R3-series astromech droids in service to the Galactic Empire in the early years of the Galactic Civil War.


Unlike most R3-series units, R3-Q5 units featured an R2-model dome. Their bodies were mostly black, with some bronze panels offsetting the dark look of the droids.[1]


As of 3 BBY, R3-Q5 units were employed in various Imperial installations, such as a Sienar Systems TIE fighter factory over Nar Shaddaa, a large ore cannon facility on Raxus Prime, and the Death Star I itself. The droids were present when Darth Vader's apprentice Starkiller was active at these locations.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

  • R3-Q5 shares the "Q5" designation - and most elements of its appearance - with another Imperial astromech, R2-Q5.
  • R3-Q5 is listed as a defeated unit in the kills list following completion of certain Imperial levels in the Force Unleashed video game, despite the fact that the droids are harmless.



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