R4-C7 was a red-domed, blue-bodied modified R4-series agromech droid assigned to Razor Squadron during the Clone Wars.


R4-C7 was assigned to Razor Squadron, an elite clone trooper squad that typically flew customized Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters on special ops missions.[1][2] The droid had an R2 series red-and-silver domed head, a blue body, white linkage arms, and blue-and-red legs with brown-and-white tread housings.

Modified with an R2 style dome for additional astromech functionality, this multipurpose droid used its many functions to provide support to Razor Squadron, including repairing ARC-170 fighter/bombers and by providing navigational support to its fellow crew members while on missions. R4-C7 was equipped with a variety of tools to meet almost any need or situation.[1]


R4-C7 with Razor Squadron elite clones

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Hasbro produced a Clone Wars edition of the ARC-170 Starfighter as a gunship toy and ARC-170 Elite Squad figures (two pilots, two troopers, and an astromech droid—identified later by Lucasfilm as R4-C7—in one box called a Battle Pack) for the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.


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