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R4-M9 was an Imperial agromech droid of the R4-series, tasked with vehicle and computer maintenance, before being deployed on the Star Destroyer Devastator. While stationed on the Devastator, he was used by the Galactic Empire and accompanied the 501st Legion ordered by Darth Vader in order to pull data concerning the stolen Death Star plans from the Tantive IV 's computer banks during the Imperial capture of the Rebel Blockade Runner.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hasbro has released two R4-M9 figures in two separate 2002 figure lines, with a third in 2015. The first figure, on The Power Of The Jedi card, comes with a small black mouse droid. [1] The second R4-M9 figure is based on the droid found in Star Tours. This R4-M9 comes with a lighter egg shell blue color scheme [2]. It is unclear if the Star Tours R4-M9 is intended to be the same droid as the Imperial R4-M9, although the different coloring suggests otherwise. In 2015, a Disney theme park boxed set included the original paint job in a new mold indicating that it came from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



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