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"There are some credits in it for you if you bring me the head of an Imperial RA-7 protocol droid. The optics on those are supposed to be magnificent."
Sevox, to Zarro[src]

The RA-7 protocol droid, also known as an Insect Droid due to its appearance, was a protocol droid model that was common in the galaxy around the time of the Clone Wars. Units produced early in the war shared much of their body plating with Cybot Galactica's 3PO unit, though this would be discontinued in favor of unique plating in the final years of the war. During the Age of the Empire, many RA-7s were used by Imperial officers as servants. A large number were aboard the Death Star, earning them the nickname "Death Star droids."[source?]

One notable RA-7 droid was AP-5, who served as an analyst droid for the Galactic Republic during the Ryloth campaign. Later, he became an inventory droid for the Galactic Empire before defecting to the rebellion after meeting the astromech droid Chopper.[9]

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