"What do you get when you bug a droid for too long? An annoyed droid! HA HA!"

RD-RR was an astromech droid that resembled an R-5 series unit and was red in color. The droid's batteries ran down before it was able to complete a mission, while its builder put the droid in a training exercise. The astromech remained stuck in the lower levels in a cave of the Tosche Station.

RD-RR also told jokes.[source?]

Behind the scenesEdit

The voice used for RD-RR is also used for EG-7, and the stranded droid at the mass launcher and "Strange Attraction" training missions. Another droid with the exact model can be found looking for EG-7 during a mission where he didn't appear, and agreed to help the player with the lift platform; the only difference about this droid was that instead of the EG-7/RD-RR voice, this droid had a similar voice to F-TO.