The RH7 CardShark was a sabacc-dealing droid made by LeisureMech Enterprises to replace organic dealers.[1]

A relatively unrefined dealer droid, the RH7 could be found in seedy establishments such as the Crystal Jewel casino on Coruscant. The droid consisted of a metallic saucer base permanently mounted in the ceiling and the main body, which could downward to a maximum of one and a half meters. The saucer base contained six surveillance photoreceptors which closely watched players, a pair of heavy grasper claws for ejecting cheaters from the game, and a series of force pikes which could extend out and deliver stun shocks to protect the dealer or ward off the other patrons. The main body consisted of a pair of sensor arrays, a card storage "mouth", a pair of dealing arms and the card-flux pulse emitter used to randomly change the cards' value. Prior to play the droid would announce which variant of sabacc was played and the house rules, but beyond that it lacked the "personal touch" of organic dealers.[2]



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