The RHTC-560 HT Drone were small semi-spherical drones which complemented the larger RHTC-560 Hunter Trainers. They were used by the Master Controllers as scouts to track and eliminate prey during the Imperial era. The RHTC-560 system was developed by Rodian D-Tec.


In stark contrast to the towering controller units, the HT drones were small droids about half the size of an R2-series astromech droid. Each drone came with two forward retractable arms for manipulating obejcts and two hind legs for traversing over the jungle floor. They were circular in shape and also came with an anti-gravity repulsorlift unit for hovering over their targets. To enhance their effectiveness, they were equipped with stun blasters.

For operations in the dark of night or the depths of a jungle, these drones were equipped with hi-intensity searchlights to locate their prey. As with most other simpler droid designs, these drones lacked independent personal programming and were entirely controlled by their control unit within a range of 50 km which impaired their effectiveness in long-range hunts. However, this was compensated by the RHTC-560 system's creativity subroutine which allowed it to remain operational even in a wide range of tricky situations. Even if the control unit was submerged underwater, it was still able to command its associated drone units.

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The RHTC-560 Hunter Trainer system was originally marketed locally by Rodian D-Tec on the Rodian homeworld of Rodia to suit the native Rodian appetite for violence and combat. Their customers ranged from bounty hunters to the various Rodian clans which used them in both their clan wars and hunts to even the dictatorial Grand Protector Navik the Red. It is alleged that the Grand Protector's RHTC-560 system had been modified with lethal disruptor cannons for used against his captives in competitions.

Throughout the Imperial era, their popularity was sufficient enough for the series to be marketed offworld beyond the confines of Rodia. With 2,000 credits for each HT drone and another 5,000 credits for each control unit, the series was economical enough for many non-Rodian bounty hunters as well as local plantetary militias and police academies. Three were also given to the captain of the Anya Karu, Aron Harcourt. They would later fight, and lose to, the bounty hunter Boba Fett.



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