The RK-720 Light Freighter was a prototype starship class designed by SoroSuub Corporation on Edic Bar, Genarius. Only one ship of the design was created, named the Sivulliq. The line was never put into full production as the prototype was stolen from the manufacturing plant.[1] When it was eventually recovered,[2] the SoroSuub decided to give the prototype to a hero from the Cularin system that had aided them during an ion storm.[1] [3]

The ship had some form of cloaking device which was accidentally not removed before the freighter was given away.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sivulliq was given as a unique prize to one of the roleplayers at the Gen Con Game Fair 2001 Living Force Interactive Blown Away. This was later described in an in-universe account in The Sivulliq Is Out There -- Somewhere.



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