The RLG guardian droid system was manufactured by Arakyd Industries. It consisted of two identical bodyguard droid units. One 15-centimeter tall droid could be kept in a recharging unit in a small pouch worn on the owner's waist while the other droid served as a bodyguard for up to twelve hours before its own power cell required recharging, at which time the units would be switched, so that the owner was never without the protection of a charged unit. If necessary, both units, could be used at the same time. Each unit was equipped with an alarm, an internal blaster pistol, a self-destruct mechanism, a repulsorlift drive unit, a FullSpec sensor package (visual, infrared, ultraviolet, and full motion), and programming to detect ambushes, hidden weapons, suspect behavior, and (when appropriately programmed) specific threats. The system cost 3,000 credits new (1,000 credits used), with an optional remote unit (500-meter range) available for 300 credits, allowing the owner to not only control the droid but receive video and audio data broadcast to the remote by the droids. Though not originally marketed to illegitimate customers, the model proved a popular bodyguard with crime lords.


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