RMD-20 "Eye in the Sky" Series Monitoring Droid

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The RMD-20 "Eye in the Sky" droid was a cheap, small droid that could follow a target, patrol an area, or be guided by commands sent to its built-in comlink. It was spherical with cameras arranged around it. It had no advanced sensors, and was basically a floating audio and visual transmitter. It was frequently used by civilians, but some cheaper police and military units would also field them.

It could transmit audio and visual feeds to a computer or datapad on over a dozen modulated frequencies. The droid could be programmed with over 20 different flight patterns. The unit's power cell had to be recharged every five hours. Although the unit had a 10 kilometer range, it could only transmit feeds within 100 meters.

It could reach a speed of 130 km/h and an altitude of 200 meters.



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