ROX-N was a droid owned by the Star Tours travel agency. At the time of the Raid at Spaceport THX1138, the droid was being stored in a shipping crate.[1] Years later, she staffed an information kiosk for the Astroport Interstellar Services section of a starport owned by Star Tours. She was very fond of RX-24.

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The character of ROX-N is exclusive to the original Star Tours attraction at the Disneyland Paris theme park in France, serving as a multi-lingual host to the post-show arcade L'Astroport Services Interstellaires, which once featured many custom built games. She was an oracle of the park, dispensing fortunes to passersby, but with declining interest in the arcade, her functions were reduced to the multi-lingual greetings spiel. It is strongly hinted that ROX-N is RX-24's girlfriend, based on her seemingly swooning over him as you pass her in the queue.[2]

She later reappeared in the new version of the ride, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, when it was released in Disneyland Paris on March 18, 2017, where she was packed into a shipping container alongside some Goose Droids, expanding on a concept from the initial release.



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