The RPGA, alternatively known as the Role Playing Game Association and the RPGA Network, is a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast that organized Star Wars tournament adventure scenarios under both the West End Games d6 and the later Wizards of the Coast d20 RPG systems. Founded in November 1980 by Frank Mentzer of TSR, Wizards of the Coast acquired the RPGA when they purchased TSR in 1997.

Prior to running the Living Force campaign, the RPGA—operating as TSR, Inc.—ran the Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic campaign, designed for the Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded rules.[1]

Living ForceEdit

Adventure scenariosEdit

Known primarily for the adventure scenarios released as part of the Living Force campaign, the RPGA has released a number of scenarios tied to the Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic campaign as well as numerous standalone scenarios. While later scenarios released to accompany the Wizards of the Coast d20 system may be considered canon, earlier scenarios may possibly be ambiguously canon or non-canon.

Initially, members of the RPGA were required to pay a subscription to access the scenarios, but the fee was later waived. The scenarios, however, remained only available to members and gamemasters, primarily distributed at conventions only.

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Product Line Era Article Title Release Date Location Author
- - Mantive Moondance Jan-88 Gen Con '88 / Briscon '92 -
- - Heat of Freedom Feb-90 Originally printed in 1998's Star Wars Campaign Pack -
WEG's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game - Milk Run[2] 1991[2] Gen Con '91 Sterling Hershey[2]
- - Mission to Mos Eisley Jan-91 Winter Fantasy RPGA Tournament -
- - War Games Aug-91 - J. Allen Fawcett
- - Make a Dice Roll Aug-92 - Tim Madden
- - Terror from the Unknown Sep-92 - John Cannon
- - Imperial Star Destroyers Oct-92 - John E. P. Cereso
WEG's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game[2] - Defection[2] Nov-92 - Sterling Hershey[2]
- - Unidentified RPGA adventure scenario Jan-93 Gen Con '93 -
- - By The Blaster Divided Mar-93 - Linda Baldwin
- - Damitian Dreams May-93 - Timothy Parker, Bradley Johnson
- - Place in the Sun Sep-93 - John E. P. Cereso
- - Bread and Circuses Sep-93 - Wayne Peacock
- - Bargain Hunters Apr-94 - Timothy Parker
- - Shadows in the Surf[3] Aug-94[3] Gen Con '94[3] / DunDraCon 19[4] Skip Williams[3]
- - The Doom on Razir Sep-94 Sunquest RPGA Tournament Brandon G. Amancio
- - Prophets of Otherspace Jan-95 Gen Con RPGA Tournament Bill Slavicsek
- - Unidentified RPGA Charity Auction adventure scenario Jan-95 Gen Con '95 Bill Smith
- - How About Bob? Jan-95 - Henry Vogel
- - The Roxar Incident Mar-95 - Robert Wiese
- - A Family Thing Feb-96 1996 Sunquest RPGA Tournament John E. P. Cereso
- - Sinister Plot on Quercaria Mar-96 1996 Winter Fantasy RPGA Tournament / Glathricon XIII 1999 David W. Baker
- - Farrimer Cafe Apr-96 - J. Allen Fawcett, Jean Rabe
- - Alliance Training Mission #3[5] Aug-96[5] Gen Con '96[5] Lisa Reinke, Rex Polley
- - Decisions Mar-97 Pendleton Game Day '98/Horizon Game Weekend 2 '99 Lee Pickler
Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic[6] - Mission to Coridia[6] Sep-97 GenCon RPGA Tournament Robert Wiese
Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic[6] - Pirate Contract[6] Oct-97 Glathricaon '98/Radcon '99 Robert Wiese
Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic[6] - Dark Tremors[6] Apr-98 Genghis Con Robert Wiese
Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic[6] - Trilogy-3[6] (aka Trilogy3) Jul-98 Milwaukie Summer Revel RPGA Paragon Tournament J. Allen Fawcett, Jean Rabe
- - SOTE (Servants of the Empire) Jul-98 - Chris Ryan
Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic[6] - Initiation[7] Aug-98[7] Gen Con '98[7] / NukeCon '98 / OrbCon '99 Robert Wiese
Star Wars: Warriors of the Republic[6] - Relentless Pursuit[6] Mar-99 Winter Fantasy '99 Robert Wiese
- - The Way of the Force Sep-99 Gen Con '99 Robert Wiese
- - Way of the Sith Feb-00 Winter Fantasy RPGA Tournament Robert Wiese
- - Rescue on Cassazza Aug-00 Genghis Con 2001 Bryan M. Sims
- - Gamorrean Protocol[8] Aug-00[8] 2000 Gen Con Game Fair[8] Nathaniel Christen[8]
- - Avatar Rising Aug-00 - Lee Pickler
- - Child of Light I: Child of Light[9] Nov-00 - Lee Pickler[9]
- Rise of the Empire era Flames of Rebellion Jan-01 - Jeremy Bernstein
- - Ultimate Core Dump[10] Aug-01[10] - Mexal (aka Megan Robertson)[10]
- - Child of Light II: Soulsaber[11] Jan-01 - Lee Pickler[11]
- - Child of Light III: Light and Dark[12] Jan-02 - Lee Pickler[12]
Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook Rise of the Empire era Only the Force Jan-04 - J.D. Wiker
Star Wars Roleplaying Game Revised Core Rulebook Rebellion era Shadows in the Force Jan-04 - Robert Wiese
Star Wars Miniatures Old Republic era The Betrayal of Darth Revan Aug-08 Gen Con Game Fair 2008 Patrick Stutzman
Saga Edition Rebellion Era Murder on the Executor Jan-09 - Patrick Stutzman
- - Delta Wing I: On a Wing and a Prayer Unreleased - -
- - Delta Wing II:A Bird in the Hand Unreleased - -
- - Delta Wing III:The Pirates' Nest Unreleased - -

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