The RWW-Series protocol droid was an advanced protocol droid.


The RWW-Series was a bipedal humanoid-formed droid. It had a soft and virtually seamless outer shell. It was considered just shy of being a Human replica droid.

It had an advanced personality matrix that made it very adaptable. It was known to pick up phrases and gestures of creatures it interacted with. It cost 5505 credits when new.


The RWW-Series was made by the Devon, natives of the world of Teagan near the Corporate Sector. They designed it after the protocol droids used by the Trade Federation. They were used in the spaceports as guides to Teagan and liaisons with visitors.

They could be modified as combat training droids, where their soft shell better helped simulate close combat. They were also frequently used as medical assistants, where they excelled at keeping patients in good spirits post-surgery.