Kreia: "That was not the most pleasant landing I've endured. Next time, we should perhaps seek out a more reputable pilot."
Atton: "You're welcome, Kreia. You know, if I weren't such a crack pilot, we could have hit the shield wall or one of those rock faces."
Kreia: "Yes, our current situation is a vast improvement."
Kreia and Atton Rand bicker over their unhappy landing in RZ-0031[src]

RZ-0031 was a Restoration Zone established on Telos IV during the Telosian Restoration Project. It was contained by massive generators that projected protective force-fields, preventing the corrosive atmsophere from further damaging the grasslands and beaches within RZ-0031. It was originally managed by the Ithorians, but as of 3951 BBY it had been handed over to the Czerka Corporation by the Telosian Council for the ecosystemic recovery effort.

Bao-Dur, a Zabrak engineer, engaged in several acts of Czerka sabotage in the zone and was captured by their mercenary thugs. He was kept inside a forcefield-shielded cell within an abandoned Telosian military base-turned-Czerka outpost within the area. However, HK-50 droids broke into the installation and triggered off the resting war droids and defense turrets, and they activated and slaughtered the Czerka guards.

The Zabrak was able to escape in the commotion, first using his repulsor fist to slam into the force field and deactivate it, and then slip away as the guards engaged the droids. He was able to escape as the Telosian military droids decimated the Czerka personnel. Czerka later sent in two salvage teams to investigate the base, but both of them were brutally slaughtered, with only one Twi'lek survivor.

These disturbing events led to the entry of over twenty mercenaries into the Restoration Zone, augumented by sentry droids, warbots, swoop bikes, and landspeeders. When word reached Czerka that the Jedi Exile and her allies were traveling to RZ-0031, the corporation posted extra guards. A twin barreled gatling anti-air defense turret shot down the Telosian orbital shuttle that was ferrying the Jedi and her companions. The newly-escaped Bao-Dur recovered them from the wreck. Together, Bao-Dur and the Jedi Exile forged forward towards the base, seeking a second Telosian orbital shuttle that was docked there. As she ventured through the grasslands, she slew many attacking mercenaries.

When she reached the abandoned base, the Jedi Exile met stiff resistance: over ten mercenaries, some equipped with powerful personnel deflector shields, and also turret defenses. The Jedi Exile slew them in self-defense, and entered the military base. The reactivated droid guards were quickly deactivated once again, and the Jedi Exile escaped the base even as two HK-50 assassin droids entered the hangar bay that she had just left.