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Raabakyysh, or Raaba for short, was a Wookiee, and a friend of Lowbacca and his sister Sirrakuk, and it is thought that Lowbacca had thoughts of choosing her for a mate.


Raaba was a good friend of Lowbacca and his sister Sirrakuk. Raaba admired Lowbacca for his bravery very much. Lowbacca once went into the lower levels of Kashyyyk and used the captured fibers of the dangerous syren plant to make a belt. Raaba recklessly followed his lead after he left and went down to the lower levels in search of a syren plant. They were very dangerous and when Raaba never returned from her foolhardy trip, her friends and family assumed she had died. Lowbacca was extremely sad at her apparent death.

Little did her friends know, Raaba had miraculously survived her dangerous mission and had turned to the Diversity Alliance. Working under the command of Twi'lek Nolaa Tarkona, she participated in the attack of the secret storeroom of the late Emperor Palpatine, where all the plagues created by the Emperor were kept. Committed in a space battle over the storeroom, Raaba sighted a ship circling the planet and found out that her old friend Lowbacca was on it. Lowbacca thought she was dead, but he later found out that Raaba was indeed alive. After being forced to flee the battle with a deathly injured Nolaa Tarkona, Raabakyysh sent the ship with Lowbacca on it a short, coded message she knew Lowbacca would understand. "If I survive, I'll find you."

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