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A Racer was the name of individuals following in a career or hobby revolving around the race. Whether by airspeeder, starship, sporting vehicle, or on foot, all racers sought to be victorious in their personal competition.


Sports racersEdit

Podracers, Swoopers, and other types of athletes that competed in sports designed around a race were considered racers.

Forceful racersEdit

Some racers were given an added advantage over the competition in that they were naturally talented with the Force. Granting them not only extrasensory skills, it also guided racers to think about the meaning of the race in a cosmic sense. Able to know their place in time and space gave a racer a different perspective, and allowed them to ponder their reality on a more philosophical level. Intuition and a need to understand the future as it related to the positioning of self were the vehicles in which the racer drove themselves further along their course; a path carved by the Force. When sensing obstacles, if they feel that their path would end in a particular future, they know to avoid it. Skilled racers' perceptions extend beyond themselves to other beings. Capable of being in the right place at the right time, racers of this advanced skill were capable of rescuing people at just the right time. These abilities combined to give racers a calm aura, as they knew that emotions caused mistakes, and mistakes cost lives. Some Jedi Seekers had a proclivity towards the thrill of the race.[1]



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