"I am Races-the-Water-Bringing-Wind of the Redolog family, Elder of the Quanasi Haulage Team."

Races-the-Water-Bringing-Wind was a male Octusi slave. In 44 ABY, the Octusi were convinced by Freedom Flight to revolt against their masters, despite the fact that they were well-treated, and had a higher life expectancy in captivity on Blaudu Sextus than on their homeworld of Blaudu Octus. Races-the-Water-Bringin-Wind was present in the Big Circle of Fun in the capital city Arari on Blaudu Sextus when Mandalorians under the command of Belok Rhal surrounded the the Octusi there with QuickStryke assault sleds. Rhal confronted Races-the-Water-Bringing-Wind, telling him that the Mandalorians had come to stop the revolt, and ordering the Elders to step forward. When Races-the-Water-Bringing-Wind questioned his order and claimed that Rhal was not their master, the Mandalorian shot him through the head with his blaster, killing him.


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