Rad Torlent was a junior officer aboard a Rebel Alliance blockade runner. He joined the Rebellion after the Galactic Empire seized control of his home planet of Neutra Four.

Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, an Infiltrator probe droid by the designation of 13-K boarded the blockade runner that Rad had been assigned to. The probe droid began massacring everyone onboard.

Rad played dead so he could get a clear shot at the intruder and an opportunity to reach a communications terminal, and even though he succeeded at first on getting the slip on the droid, he was later discovered by it as he tried to send out a distress beacon to warn the Rebel fleet. The probe droid grabbed him by the neck and smashed him against a bulkhead, killing him instantly. He had the bad luck of going into the compartment were the droid was already moving towards.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rad Torlent was created by Archie Goodwin and Carmine Infantino.


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