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This article is about The Mon Calamari admiral in service of the Rebel Alliance. You may be looking for Raddus Venn, the Chagrian in service of the Sith Empire.
"This is Admiral Raddus of the Rebel Alliance. All squadron leaders report in."
―Raddus upon exiting hyperspace around Scarif[src]

Raddus was a male Mon Calamari admiral who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.[2] He commanded his personal MC75 cruiser, Profundity, which led the space assault on the Imperial Naval forces during the Battle of Scarif. His flagship was disabled by the Devastator and then boarded by Darth Vader and his forces in an attempt to retrieve the Death Star plans, which were stolen by Rogue One.

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Early lifeEdit

Raddus was born in 65 BBY in the polar regions[4] of the watery world of Mon Cala. He served as mayor of the city Nystullum, and also filled a role in Mon Cala's planetary defense, a role signified by a civic crest he wore even after he'd become an admiral in the Rebel Alliance.[1]

When the Galactic Empire occupied Mon Cala, the Mon Calamari, prepared by their harsh experiences during the Clone Wars, conducted a mass exodus. "City-ships," entire municipal buildings that were made to be spaceworthy structures, launched into the depths of space, including the Profundity, Nystullum's city governance tower. Raddus commanded this vessel, crewed primarily by Nystullum's defense staff.[1]

Rebel serviceEdit

"I am confident we can support whatever Operation Fracture requires."
―Raddus, in a readiness report to Mon Mothma[src]

Raddus became one of the first Mon Calamari officers to join the Rebellion.[5] He became an admiral and commander of the burgeoning Alliance Fleet, regarded by Mon Mothma as the Rebel military's most vital component. Work soon began on converting the Mon Calamari city-ships into capital ships to form the spine of the Alliance Fleet, and the Profundity became one of the first ready for combat, joining the varied ships of the fleet in the Telaris system.[1]

Admiral Raddus, as one of the military leaders of the Alliance, also served on the Rebel council.[5] As he was stationed with the fleet, he rarely visited the rebel base on Yavin 4, but his presence was required for matters of major importance to the council.[1] Though united by the common cause to be free of Imperial rule, the council disagreed on all manner of practical details, from battlefield tactics to recruitment.[5] A pragmatist at heart, Raddus's patience was tried by the council's dithering, as he saw attempts to negotiate with the Empire, such as was advocated by Minister of Finance Nower Jebel, to be foolish. In order to not be underestimated by his peers on the council, Raddus was sparse with pleasantries in social interactions, and was happy to cultivate the hardy, thick-blooded reputation commonly ascribed to Mon Calamari native to the world's cold polar depths.[1] In 0 BBY Jyn Erso informed Alliance High Command that the Empire had created The Death Star and had used it to destroy Jedha City. The council debated on whether to disband or to fight. While Senators, Pamlo and Jebel, wanted to disband, Raddus agreed with Erso and wanted to fight.

Battle of Scarif Edit

After Erso and a team of Rebels departed to steal the Death Star Plans from Scarif, Raddus decided to go and fight as well.

Personality and traitsEdit

A powerful leader, commander, and speaker, Raddus aided Jyn Erso and her strike team in the Battle of Scarif.

Behind the scenesEdit

"We always tried to find a real world example of who these creatures may be, and in this case we used Churchill. Admiral Raddus is a very strong figure. We would use [Churchill] not only as visual reference for his physical features, but also when it came to performing him and expressing him through the actor."
―Neal Scanlan[src]

Raddus, portrayed by Paul Kasey[6] with animatronic performer Patrick Comerford and voiced by Stephen Stanton[7] is a character that was created and developed for the 2016 Star Wars Anthology film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The first footage of Raddus was revealed in the Celebration Europe reel on July 15, 2016.[8] As stated by Neal Scanlan, the creature effects supervisor on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Admiral Raddus was inspired by Winston Churchill, the prime minister of the United Kingdom who famously led his country through World War II.[9]

Actor Stephen Stanton stated in an interview with Collider that Raddus' voice was based off the combined voices of Winston Churchill with George C. Scott's portrayal of General George S. Patton in the 1970 film Patton.[10]



Notes and referencesEdit

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