"Outsiders rarely impress."

Rade-Sa was a male Voss Commando who lived on Voss during the Galactic War. In 3641 BBY he was ordered by Pevthak-Fra to assist a Galactic Republic citizen in the assault on the King's Hall of the Gormak King Jokull.

Rade-Sa and his commandos made it inside before the Republic citizen, but some of the commandos were captured and Rade-Sa refused to go and rescue them, arguing that it would slow the whole team down. The Republic citizen saved the commandos anyway and then regrouped with Rade-Sa to assault Jokull together. The Gormak King was defeated, but not before revealing that he was having visions, much like the Voss Mystics did. Rade-Sa refused to believe it and wanted Jokull executed on the spot, but the Republic citizen insisted on taking him captive instead.