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Radra IV was an average sized planet with various climatic zones in the Radra system, some distance from major routes and close to the Imperial frontier. The planet had two moons. Its atmospheric density and gravity were slightly more than the Human norm. The planet was rich in valuable ores, and other elements, which caused several mining outposts to be established, one of which had included the construction of a port facility used by all. The Galactic Empire discovered that the planet also harbored sizable deposits of rare elements necessary for the production of several military goods, which established mining operations of its own. Rumors say that the Empire was mining these elements for production of its hyperspace radio transmitters.

There were always Imperial fleet elements in the system, although a garrison base was not established on the planet. The Empire laid claim to the responsibility of overseeing the port facility, and attempted to choke out the mining companies. It was thought that the Empire would claim the system to be restricted. Its snowy, rocky mountains contained the Radra Surveillance Post of the Rebel Alliance, inhabited by Humans and Mon Calamari, and commanded by Commander Darnak. The post was invaded by a squadron of snowtroopers which led to the complete evacuation and abandonment of the base.