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Radra Surveillance Post

A layout of the Surveillance Post.

The Radra Surveillance Post was a spartan Rebel Alliance passive sensor post based in the snowy, rocky mountains of Radra IV. It only housed an eight-person team; four mechanical specialists, and four troops who served as sentries. It was placed on Radra IV to monitor the Imperial presence on the planet, and was led by Commander Darnak. The post could be entered either by way of the ice cave or through a camouflaged sentry position on the rocky, snow-covered surface above. In normal operations, infrared and movement sensors were placed in both locations to alert the post of intrusions.

The operations room (A on the layout) was the heart of the post, and contained the passive sensor itself as well as a small power plant which powered the entire base. Hatches on the opposite sides lead both to the ice cave hangar bay and to the access tunnel for the sentry position (B on the layout), which was reached by a ladder. A tunnel between the two hatches led to the common area (C on the layout), which comprised four double staterooms, a lounge area, and a refresher.

When a group of rebels came to the post in the Starhound to get supplies, a squad of snowtroopers attacked the base. Although the Rebels attempted to fight off the troopers, they proved to be too many. The entire crew of the base was forced to evacuate aboard the Starhound.