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"Second hop, Rafana was flying lead, wearing that fancy bucket of his with the integrated HUD. The flash scrambled the HUD, filling his vision with random characters, and he got stitched by a Vulture."
Jorn Kulish, on his experiences during the battle over Ongary IX[src]

Rafana was a male individual who served as a Z-95 Headhunter pilot in Foxfire Squadron within the Ividal Sector Forces during the Clone Wars. During the conflict, Foxfire Squadron was deployed to support the Grand Army of the Republic in an engagement against Separatists over the world Ongary IX. During the battle, Foxfire Squadron were deployed as bombers to fire burrowing plasma charges against Separatist positions entrenched inside fortified mines. However, the flash from the explosion of the charges was so bright that it scrambled the HUD display in Rafana's helmet, and while he was distracted he was shot down and killed by a Separatist Vulture droid.[1]


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