The Raging Rancor Cantina was a Rancor-themed cantina, that was located in Varna Biqua on Genarius. It operated during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.

Description and layoutEdit

The cantina had colored neon lights on its exterior. Inside, it was divided into various zones. There was a souvenir shop, where various Rancor-themed items, such as a Wind Up Rancor toys could be purchased. There was also a gambling area, where the Rancor-themed games Rancor Hunter, Rancor's Maze, Rancor Wrestling and Ride the Raging Rancor could be played. At the bar, some Rancor-themed and strongly alcoholic drinks could be purchased, such as Rancor Blood and Rancor's Breath.[1]


The Human Famier Denzmorren was the barman and part-owner of the cantina, while the Wookiee Rrelbocco was its bouncer. In about 32 BBY, the Heroes of Cularin visited the cantina. While they were there, the wounded Sullustan Salld Nrump burst in and begged them to help him. Moments later, a group of mercenaries who were pursuing Nrump entered, beginning a firefight in the bar.[1] At some point afterward, the cantina was burnt down.[2]


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