"She was like an angel."
―Shen Matale about Rahasia[src]

Rahasia Sandral was a Human female who lived on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War. She was the daughter of landowner Nurik Sandral.


Rahasia was born in the Core Worlds on the planet of Coruscant to Nurik Sandral. The name and history of her mother is unknown, only that she died giving birth to Rahasia. Rahasia was the youngest of two children, and had an older brother named Casus. By the end of the Mandalorian Wars, Nurik decided to move his small family away from the destruction and corruption of the Inner Rim. He chose a quaint planet in the Outer Rim named Dantooine and invested in the construction of a large estate on the peaceful plains of the planet.

To Nurik's dismay, the peace that he had sought on Dantooine only lasted for a few short years. It wasn't death; it wasn't politics; and it wasn't disease; it was Ahlan Matale. Not many know what the real cause of the Sandral/Matale feud was. Perhaps it was the border dispute between the two men; or when Nurik's droid shipment went missing; or the random acts of vandalism on Ahlan's estate. Either way, the two men hated each other almost to the point of going to war.

Nurik barred Rahasia and Casus from interacting with any member of the Matale family, especially Ahlan's only son, Shen Matale. But Nurik could not keep his kids caged for long. Rahasia frequently accompanied her brother Casus on his exploration of the plains of Dantooine, as he was an amateur archaeologist. One day, Casus and Rahasia met Shen. It wasn't long before Shen became friends with Casus and fell in love with his younger sister, Rahasia.

But all was not to last. Casus went missing, and distraught with grief, Nurik turned to the man he despised, Ahlan Matale. Nurik blamed Ahlan for Casus' disappearance, and it wasn't long before he kidnapped Shen Matale. When Rahasia found out about her father's actions, she became hysterical. What would Nurik do to Shen? Kill him? Torture him? She didn't know what to do, until Revan showed up.

Revan came into the courtyard of the Sandral's estate and questioned Nurik about Shen's disappearance. Nurik denied that he knew anything about Shen's disappearance but brought up that his son, Casus, had also gone missing. Revan gave Nurik a datapad and told him that Casus had been killed by kath hounds out on the plains. Nurik, tortured with grief, took the datapad and left the courtyard, saying he knew nothing of Shen's disappearance. Rahasia had eavesdropped on all of this, and once Nurik had left, she went out in the courtyard and told Revan everything. Everything from her and Shen's love to Nurik kidnapping Shen. Revan told her that he would have to confront Nurik, but she begged him not to judge Nurik too harshly. Rahasia gave Revan a pass key to the back of the house, telling him that Shen was in one of the holding cells. Revan left, and Rahasia went to her room, praying that the Jedi would save Shen.

Ten minutes after Rahasia went into her room, Revan came in and told her that Shen would not leave unless she met him outside of the Sandral Estate. A smile played at Rahasia's lips as she told Revan that she would meet them just beyond the Sandral estate. Revan left, and Rahasia quickly made her way to the borders of the Sandral estate.

When Rahasia saw Shen come out and meet him, she ran up to him and held him in a fierce embrace. Shen and Rahasia both thanked Revan for all he had done. Before they could leave, Ahlan came up to them with two assault droids flanking him. He soon began to shout obscenities at Revan, Shen, and Rahasia. Soon after, Nurik came out of his estate with his own two battle droids. Ahlan and Nurik engaged in an intense debate filled with sneering, mocking, and arguing. Shen and Rahasia both pleaded with them to stop the fighting, but it wasn't until Revan stepped in that the two old men actually listened. Revan, backed up by Shen and Rahasia, reasoned with Nurik and Ahlan to stop the fighting and let Shen and Rahasia get married. The two began to talk to each other about it and finally decided that they would build Rahasia and Shen their own estate. Rahasia and Shen both thanked Revan for what he did for them.

Behind the scenesEdit

"When I first met Shen, I feared our forbidden love was doomed to a tragic end. But thanks to you and the Jedi Council, our story ends in joy."
―Rahasia to Revan, after she and Shen run away[src]

It is possible for the player to convince Shen and Rahasia to run away to the Jedi Enclave. The lovers plan allow their fathers to have the chance to forgive them and welcome them back, or build a future somewhere else if their fathers don't change. If this happens, Rahasia likely dies when Darth Malak attacks the Enclave.

"Father, no! Don't do it!"
―Rahasia to Nurik, right before he kills Shen[src]

Also, if the player follows the dark side, he can lie to Nurik to make him think that Ahlan killed Casus Sandral. If this happens, a fight between Nurik and Ahlan breaks out and Rahasia is killed by Ahlan after Nurik kills Shen.

"Shen, no."
―Rahasia to Shen, as he leaves her[src]

The player can also tell Shen that his relationship with Rahasia won't work out or manipulate him into hating Rahasia. If this happens, Shen dumps her and returns home with his father, leaving her heartbroken and in her father's care.


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