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Rai-Kalei was a male Sullustan pilot who lived in times of the Galactic Empire.

Rai-Kalei began his career as a pilot for SoroSuub Corporation. He used a XS-800 freighter, the Mayjeln, named for the famous Sullustan scout. The Mayjeln was modified by Rai-Kalei, without knowledge of his employers, to provide a turret-mounted double laser cannon, a quad laser cannon also in turret, and a single blaster cannon. The cargo bay was also modified to keep 115 metric tons, including eight passengers in a living space.

However, he had a hostile encounter with Imperial forces, during which he used some weaponry. Not wanting such a bad example, SoroSuub was forced to fire Rai-Kalei. Knowing that the Galactic Empire would write a search order for him, Rai-Kalei fled Sullust with the Mayjeln.

Rai-Kalei began a life of smuggling. He became an expert transporting illegal goods, including living beings and people, across the galaxy, still using the Mayjeln.

In due time, Rai-Kalei joined the Rebel Alliance as a smuggler and informant.

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