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A raid occurred during the Battle of Haurgab amid the Clone Wars and was a face off between Republic troops and the Maujasi who had allied themselves with the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


During the Battle of Haurgab, the capital city of Hadde served as the Republic base for operations and housed a command center and base. A group of Pro-Separatists launched a missile strike at this base, and one of the missiles directly hit the front entrance of the base near the mess hall, the resulting explosion flung shrapnel which killed many clone troopers. The Republic forces managed to track the trajectory of the missile and located in the city of Hadde, a supposedly Republic friendly city.

The raidEdit

Delta Squad and Omega Squad, Clone commando units, were deployed to find the launchers of the missiles, lead by Jedi General Etain Tur-Mukan. Supported by Nek Pups from the 85th Infantry Brigade, they located the missile's origin at a large house within Haurgab. RC-1136 blew down the door with a Merr-Sonn Breaching grenade and Omega Squad, minus RC-1136, charged through the door followed by RC-1262, nicknamed Scorch. The Maujasi inside were quickly defeated, and the three dead and the four captured were brought outside. After a brief interval after the initial assault, a Maujasi took aim and fired at the commandos from a roof top. The commandos returned fire, but not before a round hit RC-3222, although this round was stopped by his Mark III Katarn-class commando armor


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