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A raid on Doctor Nuvo Vindi's laboratory on Naboo took place during the Clone Wars.[5]


"I need you to convince the Senate, or the Jedi Council, or whoever is in charge of this terrible war that we are threatened."
―Queen Neeyutnee, to Padmé Amidala[src]

During Naboo's occupation by the Trade Federation[7], a lab had been built in the Eastern swamps.[8] Also the Perma families medic, Doctor Nuvo Vindi, disappeared.[5]

Ten years later, during the Clone Wars, the lab was secretly used by Confederacy of Independent Systems and it's scientist, Dr. Nuvo Vindi to recreate the Blue Shadow Virus. However, a small amount of the virus had leaked out of the lab. Vindi sent a T-series tactical droid and three battle droids to ensure that the lab would remain secret. However, they were shot down and the tactical droid was captured by Captain Gregar Typho and security officers. They were brought to Theed's Royal Palace to Queen Neeyutnee.[5]

The Queen then recalled Senator Padmé Amidala and Representative Jar Jar Binks to help her convince the Senate that Naboo was in danger from the Separatists. Amidala, knowing the senate would need more proof. During the Robolobotomy, Amidala had C-3PO interrogate the tactical droid for information. At first, Threepio was able to make the tactical droid believe that he was onboard a separatist ship and reveal information on the virus. However, Threepio messed up on the interrogation when the droid realized that he was still on Naboo.[5]

Typho threatened to shoot droid, but Representative Binks inadvertently destroyed it. However, Binks was able to find a Slug-beetle that indicated droids had been in the Eastern swamps. Thus, Amidala asked Masters Yoda and Windu to send Kenobi and Skywalker to help in defending the planet from the Separatists. She and Binks then took a speeder to the swamps.[5]

During this time, Peppi Bow's Shaak herd had been infected by the virus that was in the water. Bow then attacked Amidala and Binks, believing them to be responsible. However, Amidala was able to convince her that they were not and sent her to Theed for safety. Amidala and Binks then explored the swamps. There, Binks found a hatch. However, both were discovered by Vindi and his droids. As Amidala sent their coordinates to Capt. Typho, she and Binks were then surrounded by battle droids.[5]

Kenobi, Skywalker and his apprentice, Ahsoka Tano arrived at the Palace. Skywalker then sent Tano with Bow to find the lab. Kenobi and Skywalker then learned from Typho that Vindi had enough of the virus to star filling the bombs that would be delivered to every star system. Thus, Skywalker called in Captain Rex, several of his troopers, and the bomb squad. During this time, Tano and Bow found Amidala's ship and then discovered the entrance and it's sensors. She then waited for her master and Kenobi to arrive with reinforcements.

During this time, Vindi showed Amidala and Binks the virus. He also demonstrated how he could make it airborne as he loaded the last bomb and gave it to his servant droid.[5]

The RaidEdit

Tano then tossed a thermal detonator at the hatch and then moved in as the gunships came in with Captain Rex and his men. She, Rex and his troops then distracted the droids as Skywalker went in to rescue Amidala and Binks. When Tano's and Rex's got pinned down, Kenobi and the bomb squad destroyed the droids. Kenobi and the bomb squad the went to the bomb room to deactivate them.[5]

Skywalker and his troops then confronted Vindi in the main lab. However, Vindi threatened to kill Amidala and Binks by electrifying them. At first, Skywalker and his men dropped their weapons as Vindi took several vials and made his escape.[5]

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