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Raid on Chelloa

Raid on Oranessan

Operation Influx/New Sith Wars


1032 BBY



  • Successful accomplishment of phase one of Operation Influx

Jedi Order



Jedi Master Vannar Treece

Unidentified ground crew chief



  • One personnel shuttle
  • One ground crew chief
  • Four Sith troopers
"Objective vessel secured. Influx begin. Team may approach. Influx confirmed. Stand by."
―Vannar Treece[src]

The Raid on Oranessan was the first stage of Operation Influx—a Jedi hit–and–run operation against the Sith in 1032 BBY during the Republic Dark Age, the last century of the New Sith Wars. Operation Influx was a three-stage operation that aimed to disrupt the Sith warlord Daiman's extraction and export of baradium on Chelloa. The Chelloan resistance led by the undercover former Knight Gorlan Palladane had supplied the Jedi with intelligence about Daiman's baradium mining operations. Baradium was a volatile compound used in the manufacture of munitions including thermal detonators. Chelloa was exporting baradium to Daimanite war forges near the front lines. Since the Jedi feared that the baradium lode would provide Daiman with a tactical advantage that would allow him to end the stalemated civil infighting in the Grumani sector, Jedi Master Vannar Treece advocated knocking a portion of the Chelloan export offline.

Since Operation Influx was an unconventional "knight errant operation", Treece recruited a volunteer force of several Jedi including his former apprentice Kerra Holt, who had recently passed the trials to become a Jedi Knight. The operation involved the Jedi strike team inserting themselves into the Daimanate transport hub at the planet Oranessan and then stealing a Daimanite Heavy-Lift Starcrosser. During the second stage of the operation, the Jedi would infiltrate Chelloa and then knock a portion of the baradium shippings operations. The third stage involved returning back to the Galactic Republic via a direct hyperspace lane leading to neutral space.

As planned, the Jedi travelled to Oranessan on one of their own starships. While descending into the planet's atmosphere, they shot down a small Daimanite personnel shuttle. Master Treece, the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and two other Jedi including the Celegian Dorvin Eltrom then went to the wreckage and retrieved several cloaks and identification badges from the dead flight crew. Posing as pilots, the Jedi advance team killed a party of Daimanite sentries after their leader—a female ground crew chief attempted to execute them for being late to a flight preparation meeting that had been held twenty minutes earlier. They then commandeered an empty Daimanite Heavy-Lift Starcrosser from the Sith transport landing zone. After giving the signal for the other Jedi to enter the transport, the Jedi planned to use the transport to take them to Chelloa, but discovered that the transport's navigation computer was missing its activation cylinder. Holt stole a replacement cylinder from a nearby hangar, and after fitting the device, the Jedi departed Oranessan and made a hyperspace jump to Chelloa.

During the second part of the operation, the Jedi strike team landed at the spaceport town of Jenith where they overwhelmed a small Daimanate security force with the assistance of the Chelloan resistance. Their attack was interrupted by the arrival of Sith Lord Odion's forces which had deployed a kinetic corruptor that ignited a large area of the surface. The ensuing explosion killed many Jedi, Daimanate guards and miners within the vicnity. Vannar himself was slain during a duel by Odion and all of the other Jedi were killed with Kerra being the sole Jedi survivor. Palladane managed to shelter several of the survivors including Kerra. From that point, Kerra was forced to operate undercover within Daiman's realm. This skirmish on Chelloa effectively terminated Operation Influx while giving Odion a foothold in the Chelloan system. Kerra's later operations on Chelloa became subsumed into the Chelloan affair.



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