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The Raid on Skaak Tipper island was a battle between the Royal Naboo Security Forces and the forces of Skaak Tippers. Information acquired by the Royal Security Forces following their confiscation of Skaak Tipper weapons crates allowed Colonel Quarsh Panaka to conduct a full scale raid on the Skaak Tippers's base which was situated on an island just off the coast of Kaadara.

The objective was to stop the Skaak Tippers from stealing all bank terminals in Kaadara and hacking into all of them, ripping the contents of all the bank accounts.

The raidEdit

Panaka dispatched the same RSF agents who were involved in the confiscation operation to the Skaak Tippers' island, where they engaged the raid. Panaka commanded them to thin the Skaak Tipper numbers, and the RSF agents managed to kill at least 16 Skaak Tippers. Among the Skaak Tipper losses was the local Skaak Tipper leader, a former RSF officer by the name of Jonni Skaak.


The mission was a success, and the Skaak Tippers' bold plan failed. Panaka recommended the RSF agents and awarded them with special RSF jackets. After this the RSF agents were placed under the command of Colonel Typho.


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