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In 7 ABY, the rogue starfighter squadron Rogue Squadron raided Thyferran Convoy Delta-Two-Niner in the Chorax system, kicking off the Bacta War between Rogue Squadron and the government of the planet Thyferra.

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Having collectively resigned their commissions in the New Republic Defense Force, Rogue Squadron waged a campaign for several months to undermine Isard’s rule, remove her monopoly on bacta, and free the prisoners held on the Lusankya.

The battleEdit

The first operation of this campaign was intended to force Ysanne Isard to devote some of her resources to safeguarding future bacta convoys. Rogue Squadron ambushed the Thyferran Convoy Delta-Two-Niner in the Chorax system. After a brief combat with its escort, the convoy surrendered and accepted to use its cargo to make delivery runs for the Rogues.


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